Replacing my VP2

Hi all,
Every year in Janruary, something goes wrong with my Vp2 station. THis years, double whammy, barometer and wind speed has failed.

The station is 11 years old, the solar and UV sensors are 13 years old, i’m thinking of replacing.
But i want bang for my buck, but i have needs.

  1. My weather display is run as a VM on a qnap NAS, so i need the replacement station to be able to interface with my QNAP virtualisation station.
  2. My anemometer is about 60-75 meters away from my ISS (currently uses a Davis remote anemometer station)

I currently use meteohub connected to my VP2. That then sends out the raw data to weather display and uploads most weather networks.

Now i really am not up to date on weather station hardware out there, but what comparable stations exist out there these days to the VP2?
Solar and UV will be something i would also like to continue to monitor as that will come in handy when i look at solar panels in the near future.

Cheers for any new suggestions.

Sadly none :frowning:

all weather stations suffer from failures, especially the humidity sensors