Replacing my 1-wire weather station-want help deciding-Ecowitt GW1101/1102/1103

My “good ole” 1-wire weather station needs to be replaced. It currently feeds Weather Display along with some independent 1-wire feeds.

In reading the forum, it sounds like an Ecowitt station would be best value. I’m interested in experience and opinions on the 3 different models I see. All provide the GW1000 bridge for Weather Display access and no console (which I don’t require)

  1. GW1101 - standard wifi $179 USD
  2. GW1102 - wifi unit where it provides ability to mount individual components $229 USD
  3. GW1103 - wifi unit with ultrasonic anemometer $239 USD

I’m not sure that I trust the ultrasonic anemometer, however, I’m interested in peoples’ experience.


  1. I see these have solar and batteries. Does the solar unit provide any power or is it solely as a sensor for light and UV?
  2. do all of the sensors communicate to the GW1000 bridge through wifi? (i.e. no wiring required to unit)?
  3. how does Weather Display have access to the data? Is it wireless through the bridge? (it appears that the bridge USB only provides power)

I’m in Canada, is the the best place to purchase from?

I recently replaced my VP1 with an Ecowitt GW1003 (now GW1103) which has the ultrasonic anemometer and am very pleased with it. The sensors all connect to the GW1100 via radio frequency for your country so make sure you order the correct frequency as 3 are available. The GW1100 communicates via WiFi with your WD. All the sensors are battery operated and make sure you use Lithium batteries especially if it gets cold where you are in Canada! I found that selecting the option to use the rain settings when setting up the GW1100 with WD works best, and that’s it really. The solar panel on top of the 6-in-one array charges a super capacitor (like the Davis systems) and the batteries should last around 12 months , it has separate UV/Solar sensors. As well as here there are quite a number of Ecowitt users on the WXForum so you might like to visit there.

If you do visit that forum you will see I have had an issue with my 6-in-1 array but I am getting that replaced under warranty, Ecowitt are pretty good at support. Problems can happen to anyone #-o

As to where to order from I’ll let others suggest that, all I will say is that here in the UK ordering from Ecowitt was straight forward, but be aware they shut down for the Chinese New Year which might delay things!


Thanks Stuart. The frequency used in Canada seems to be 915 mhz, so I will make sure that I order the right one! I am also investigating Amazon pricing. It appears that it may be faster/cheaper.

Can you tell me if the GW1100 bridge is included in each of the packaged kits? or does it need to be purchased additionally?

The GW1103 is complete with the GW1100 bridge. See


Thanks, I was reading that (and the others) and they seemed a bit ambiguous. Thanks for the confirmation.

Sorry to bother … but trying to help friends old dad replace his old broken weather station, and after already having bought and returned one that did not work with WD I would be grateful if any of you could confirm that this Ecowitt GW1101 is all we need to be able to make it work with Weather Display?


Thanks in advance /Jens

Yes. Someone else has just set one up in the last couple of days - Ecowitt 1101 setup

Brilliant! Thanks for the quick answer and good news :smiley: