Removing the Maximum Average reading from my main screen

Hey guys,

I have a troublesome Lacrosse 2310 WX station which randomly continues to give false max average wind speed readings. Is there any way I can remove this data from my main screen and also my upload screen to my website? All other wind data is correct, just this one value that is way out, so it would be great if there is a way of removing this data… any help on this appreciated! :smiley:

you can customise the main screen, see under action, advanced/misc, then main screen
then you could move those parts off the screen…or make so small you can see them
make sure you save the settings afterwards
(you use ctrl and alt with the left mouse to move or resize selected objects)

Cheers Brian, have done that, I’ll put max gust when i get my new AAG wind speed/direction instrument!! For all that I have attempted to rectify the Lacrosse issues, this is the only one i have’nt been able to fix. It has all the Cat5E cable modifications, screened cable etc, but the max average continues to randomly report.

I assume the AAG one wire wind anenometer/direction instrument will interface OK with WD and the remaing LaCrosse instruments? #-o

Thanks again for all the help,

yes, i have options in the com port setup to use the 1 wire windspeed and dir…