Can someone give me an idea of what the remote feature is and how it works?

What I notice is that the settings somehow are not updating the main part of WD. It looks like the WDlive is updating, but I am not creating new gifs or they are not uploading right now. Something is wrong and of course I won’t be home for 7 hours while at work. So other than use PC anywhere, I was curious about this feature.

If I recall correctly that’s something like when the WD machine, “A”, dials in to another machine, “B”, to upload the data, then it doesn’t hangup after the upload so that B can talk to A. For a cable connection and what you want to do pcanywhere or one of the flavors of VNC is probably the way to go. VNC is free and with a router and zone alarm it can be very secure, I use it for my remote machine.