Recreate monthly web report?

Is it possible to regenerate the monthly report that gets created on the web page? Also the daily weather GIF for each day?

Over the course of changes in the software (and hardware) I have added and removed the creation of the daily weather graph. Now I would like to go back and create the images that are missing and recreate the associated report.


go to view, average/extreme
then scroll down, and see the recreate averages/extreme web report
and select last months date
and then wait for it to finish, and then upload that newly created .htm file
you could go to graph history, then view each day, then click on save graph, then upload each days grpah as the appropriate time/stamped file

How long should it take for a full month? I tried to redo April, 2003 as a test and I get two blue boxes in the progress bar right away and then it sits. I let it sit for about 30 minutes. I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything, so I started it again and WD closed. The report file gets cleared out and the heading gets written, but that’s it.

Can I click the OK button to close that options screen and will it keep working on it? Or does the averages/extremes screen need to stay open?



only a few minutes
zip and email me the log file
it most likely is too long
or cull out a few lines here and there to reduce its length…(say a 10% cull), which has been a problem with your station type

i have fixed it
it was a stack overflow (you could see that under view, program error log)
by omitting the graph updating when this reset is done…
uploading vers 9.76a now
(and this whole routine is now much faster becuase its not having to update the graphs as well)


How about if I wanted to recreate the graphs? Is this possible through a different option now?

yes, via the graph history, and the save graph (the one you are viewing)
as there is no point generating the graphs in the reset of the averages/extreme, as the graphs are always only the last days data

Would that include the windtempraintrend.gif image / graph as well?