Recreate Daily Graph 3/31 Doesn't Work 10.37Q-B39-Does With 10.37P-B44


Trying to recreate the daily graph for the last day of a month under graph history has two problems. If you go to day 30 and then day 31 they are both THE SAME graph even though the title changes fron 30 to 31. Also, trying to save the last (31) day graph by pressing the button DOES NOT work for me. No “savedgraph.gif” file is created.

I’m seeing this on two different systems.


I reloaded 10.37P-B44 and had absolutely no problem recreating the daily graph for March 31st.

Latest builds DO NOT work correctly, at least for me. In fact, under graph history the next to last day and the last day of every month are the EXACT SAME and the last day WILL NOT save by pressing the button.

I’d be interested to know what anyone else sees under graph history for the last two days of any month. I haven’t changed anything, I wouldn’t even know where to change anything to cause this weird one.



your patience is appreciated
I am only 1 person, with a young family
I do my best


I have to say that’s a bit of an extreme response to someone who has never complained on anything, AND wasn’t complaining here either. With your comments about your internet access not working well lately and no response it’s sort of hard to know what you have and have not seen. Not only that but the reason I report bugs when I think I’ve found one is so they eventually get corrected, not to harass you.


Hi Brian,

I have found an Problem by “recreate Daily Graph” at “Graphen History”.
The graphics are one day ahead.
The chart from e. g. 1.April is in reality the chart from 2.April, and so on.
The chart from 29.April is in reatity the chart from 30.April and
the chart from 30.April is the same chart as from 29.April, so we have the
chart from 30.April twice.

Using WD 10.37Q build 42.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Can you have an look at this please?

Yep, you’re right. I recreated the 10th of May and it is in fact the 11th of May graph that was created.

Hi Brian,

the same with WD10.37Q Build 65.

If you have time, can you have an look at this please?


I have fixed this problem now
there was a boolean flag being reset at the wrong time
use this update

should be OK now
(let me know)
(works here in testing (and matches the day 31 graph loaded under graph history)

edit:wrong file update, re download agan from above URL (now build 76)

Hi Brian,

thanks for looking at this.

I have done some tests with build 76 (from Zip-File above) and build 78 (fullinstall).
I still have the same Problem. The day before last day is the same as the last day, and
the graph from the first day is the graph from the second day (so the first day is missing).

Ok, in testing I see its ahead by 1 day (for the day showing for the date stamp and on the graph)
when compared to what shows under view, graph history
after the change I made (I will change that back)

actually in testing again, I have done it correctly
(I need to check the day shows correctly via view, graph history)
but one problem is I only have a 9am reset logfile to test with
.zip and email me your 32011lg.txt logfile, so I can test/check with that
(aslo so you are comparing apples with apples, via, view, graph history, make sure to convert the logfile to data file for that month)

Hi Brian,

email has been sent.

the problem was actually the view, graph history was out by 1
fixed that
latest .zip update
(confirmed by adding bogus data to the logfile at a certain time/date)

Hi Brian,

thanks for looking at this.
I have done some tests and it works.

Great job, thanks.