Receiving "First Rain of the day" email warning wi

If I had rain yesterday, I receive a “First Rain of the Day” email warning at 12:00AM the next morning. I receive this warning the “day after” we have rain everytime. It appears to be a problem with the reset time of the daily rain and the timing of the “First Rain of the Day” check. It appears the first rain of theday check is happening prior to the reset of the previous days rain.

mae sure your server time is not slower then the client time

I do not run a client setup. I only run server???

Received another 12:00AM First Rain of the day email again today. Ever since the daily rain reset has been “fixed” I receive a warning mail time stamped at 12:00AM stating First Rain of the Day. There is definitely a timing problem between resetting the daily rain and sending out the mail. BTW there is no rain registered for today for which I received the warning mail.

Could this be related to rain amounts being recorded for the correct
dates for the daily report BUT not SHOWING UP in the report until 24 hrs
later. i.e.
my daily report at S/W goes 1,2,3,4,5,8 [Days 6 &7 were not created]
there is rain recorded for day seven but not shown until the report for day
8 is created.
It has been this way for me at both sites for some months.
Hope this helps. :?

sorry i have not got around to looking at the rain issue leo

re the first rain of the day
i will try and get time to test today or tomorrow…

I is not an urgent issue for me.
I only brought it up because I thought it may
be related to the problem Rupp is having.

We haven’t had any rain for 2 days (so no rain yesterday) yet I still get a first rain of the day warning at 12.00.01AM?

i have not had time yet greg to look into this
been trying to add support for the skyview data logger before a deadline of a few days time

and i have ET (evapotranspiration) working in WD if you have a solar sensor (see under view, sunshine hours)

Just a reminder that I received another “First rain of the day” warning the dy after rain occurred. The event fired at 12:00:01AM obviously firing prior to the rain reset trigger.

i have looked at this coding
and i cant see how it will misfire…
it should only fire when you get rain for the new day

but i will use and test me self,

I guess I’ll just have to quit using this option?

i dont know why people bother with the “buggiest program I have ever used”

you caught me at a bad time there greg
the person who made that comment has started with a clean slate and the program is now behaving itself like it is supposed to

i guess i need to use and test the first rain of the day

i am approaching burn out levels here, thats all…

I know exactly what you mean on burn out. Lets not forget that this was started (hopefully) as a fun hobby. At least its more fun than milking those cows with crap ladden tails. HuH. :smiley:

if i fix this, its the last on the bug list, and then everyone is happy (apart from the 24 hour frozen graph with the ws2000 type station)

i am confident i have fixed this in a new 9.33d, ready now (the problem at the rain reset time casuing this to go off if there was rain on the day prior to the rain reset)