Real Time graph upload

Today I decided to check upload real time graph and since this, my current month records no longer updates? Is this by design or am I missing something?

do you mean
that updates fine for me and do does the realtime graph

but i use th customised file create

its not by design greg…you must have a very dry sense of humour

It’s back this morning. Yes I meant the alltimerecordsmonth.gif. It must update at midnight cause its back on the page this morning? Dry since of humor. Yea probably. Impatient unfortunately. Thanks for the help.

yes it updates at midnight
i have it that if the file does not exist, on your pc,it is not displayed on the web page…but it seems that it thinks the file does not exist sometimes…

hey its a bug
the link was reset you go to the ftp/internet setup and clik on ok
fixed for the next vers