Real Time Client Raw FTP version 8 keeps timing out

Just upgraded to Build 15 at the weekend (and also installed the latest version this morning), and although the regular FTPupload is all working fine, the client raw FTP keeps timing out.

Exiting and starting Weather Display sometimes fixes it (but not reliably so)

Not changed any settings, from those used last few years.

My ISP hasn’t changed anything either as far as I know.

Appreciate some guidance please

Many thanks


I don’t want to tempt fate, but I came across a similar issue on the WXforum, and there the suggestion was made to use the actual IP address of the server rather than the address.

I did this 4 hours ago and normally I would have had the time out issue by now, but so far so good…

I don’t understand how / why this works…but does it matter ? :smiley:

Be interesting to see if that holds up. You’re cutting out the step where your PC asks a nameserver (DNS) what IP address to use for, maybe your ISP’s default nameserver is flaky and switching to another such as Google’s DNS would have the same effect. Hard to say, hope it continues to work well for you :smiley:

Just another update - more than 24hours on and no issues…

Seems as tho it works :smiley: