Rally New Zealand

I see the WRC is starting the New Zealand Rally in a couple of days.

“The competitive action in New Zealand kicks off at 1925 local time (0725GMT) on Thursday, April 15 with the first of two runs around the Manukau superspecial stage. Leg One then continues at 1013 (2213GMT) on Friday morning, with Legs Two and Three starting at 1123 (2323GMT) and 0954 (2154GMT) on the next two days.”

Are they close to you Brian?

the manukau stage is about 25km in a straight line away, on the other side of the manukau harbour from me, but 50 minutes drive by car

we are in an real dry period at the moment in the north island,…
so there wont be much mud for the rally!
(not like there normaly is at this time of year anyway)