Rainfall Reset

Ok, I have been many places and cannot find the place to reset some of the rain data. I want to reset YESTERDAY, MONTH TO DATE and YEAR TO DATE RAINFALL but it is not happening. The last hour and today rates are fine at 0.00

Someone point me to the correct place to be in order to reset the aforementioned??

Thanks #-o

Right clik on the portion of the main WD screen labeled “Rainfall”.
In the menu that appears, click “Offsets and Rainfall Adjustment”.
Enter the correct amount in the appropriate field.
Click “Set” button next to that field after entering the corrected amount.
Be sure to use min of 3 digits such as 0.25.
When finished be sure to Clik on the “Yes” button.

Thanks Looney2ns, I was searching and searching… :oops:

Have you seen this FAQ too?

IIRC, to do a full job with rain corrections there are several places where you need to make changes.

NO time!