Rainfall Offset not functioning

Brian, also mailed this one to you…

The rainfall offset is not functioning at all !
I had to adjust the offset to -88% to compensate the defective rain-measurement on my WS2300. However, nothing changed…

The WS2300 will be exchanged the 9th of january :slight_smile:

Cheers, Aad

Hi Brian, is it difficult to fix the rain-adjust ?

I have now also placed a ‘manual’ rain-collector and think I will need the adjust feature also with the new WS2300 console. After a lot of rain these days I think that (if calculated back) the measurement is about 5-10% off.

Thanks a lot !!!

By the way : How many hours a day do you spend on WD ??? Must be a lot. Only answering all of these questions must consume lots of time…