Rainfall mismatch [SOLVED]

I’ve just changed my weather station and am now using the Ecowitt custom upload.

Everything is fine except that the annual rainfall in the top right tile does not match that correctly shown in the history. See screenshot below. The correct figure is 257.6mm.

I’ve tried recreating the history and waiting a day but to no avail.

Any ideas, anyone?

What does the main rainfall block say? And can we have the url?

But the history is correct, you said?

Check in module test what the raw data from the upload says. Check also in the WSView app and you may have to set it in that app if the raw data is wrong.



The main rainfall block also shows the wrong figure.

Sorry for omitting the URL. It used to be under my name automatically. It’s tq7weather.uk

Thanks. I’ve now corrected the data on WSView to match the Weather Underground record for the year and also updated the history with pws-hist-update.

No change yet but perhaps I must wait for the next daily cron-job

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Good morning,
There is a bug with the GW1000 gateway
With V1.7.5
On the WSView application there must be a green arrow with v1.7.6 you have to download it

I did notice you have no WU graph data since 31 December 2022. . . see No data in Reports since 29th Dec 2021? - #20 by Mogens - PWS Dashboard - Weather-Watch.com for help with that: note the post is a year old so you have to delete all 2023 files :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Problem solved.

Having no luck with WSView and before I’d read Beaujolais’ post, I updated the rainfall total by logging into the device using my browser.

I’m puzzled by this comment bitsostring as I see WU graphs for 2023.


Daily graphs are OK, but try “last 30 days” or last 360 days". . .

Sorry a misunderstanding on my part. I see what you mean, have taken the steps advised and all is now good.

Thanks for spotting that and for the advice.


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