Rainfall - manual correction

Hi there!
Hoping there is someone on this forum that can give a complete novice some help…I am am novice with both computers and WD!
I tried to manually update today’s rainfall total in WD using

  1. control panel > offsets and initial rain page and
  2. action> view and modify log file/rain totals
    Somewhere along the process, I have pressed a button which resulted in the loss of all rainfall data for this current month (April 2012)!!
    Now, when I press the “load data file to correct the daily rain data”, the only data present starts half way through 29/04/12.
    The Detailed Rain chart now only shows an entry for 29/04, the rest of the days being blank. The correct monthly total is still shown at the foot of the page, with a total of 1 day of rain for the month.

I have searched the FAQ section, but cannot find an answer which helps me resolve my problem.

Can someone please advise me how to restore the data (if this is now still possible), and how to correctly update the daily rain totals manually without wiping my data.

For info I have a Davis Vantage Vue, and my WD version 10.37R build 19

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


More bad news!
I have now realised that the graphs on the WD have reset for the whole month of April!!

The harder I try to repair the data damage, the more trouble I’m getting in!

Would really appreciate help on how to clear up this mess!


There is an option that allows you to correct the log files and on that is the daily rain totals, if you know the daily amounts then you can correct them in here.
Sadly I’m at work at the moment and not near my WD PC so I can’t give exact instructions but I’ll have a search around the forum and see if I can come up with something. :wink:

Edit: See is this FAQ helps - http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/27619


I think I was on this page of WD trying to update the daily rain total, when my problem occurred.
When I press the “load data file to correct the daily rain data” now, the records start halfway through 29th April - nothing for the rest of the month.
I’m now worried that I have lost all the month’s data.
Any ideas as to how to recover it?

The more I try to sort it out, the worse I seem to make it! Now, my graphs on the main screen have flat lined too! :?


Go into your WD main program folder and look for a folder called “Logfiles”. Open it and scroll down and look for a file called “042012lg.txt” then open this with Notepad or another text editor. This file should have all the data for April in it, if not then you may be able to recover some of it from the backup files or try downloading the data from your weather station, if it has that facility.

To check the backup files, again in the WD program folder, look for a folder called “databackup”, open it and look for another folder called 042012databackup.zip. Un-zip this folder and you should fine a backup of you 042012lg.txt file in there. Check the contents of the file and if it’s nearly up to date the copy it and paste it over the original 042012lg.txt file, then restart WD and see what happens. You may need to convert the log files to data files to get the graphs working again.
For this to work though, you have to hope that WD hasn’t backed up the files that were corrupted, otherwise you’ve lost the data.

See how you get on. :wink:

yes, hopefully the logfile is still OK (i.e intact)
so then convert the logfile to data file and recreate the last 31 days data file
also see if you have a back up of the logfile too

Great help, Budgie, Thank you!

All the information seems to be there in the logfile, but I have copy/pasted from the backup file anyway.

My graphs have started working now too, but up from 01/04 to the late on 29/04 there is no information produced in the graph areas.

This may sound stupid, but how do I convert the log files to data files? :?


On the WD main screen, look across the top for a tab marked “Action”. This will give a dropdown, look for “Convert log files to data file” and click.
Make sure the 42012lg.txt file name is in the text box below the file list and click the “Convert” button. When you ge the “OK” pop-up you then click on the button marked “Recreate the last 31 days…” then close the window and wait for the graphs to update.


Success :smiley:

All restored correctly! Now need to keep my fingers away from buttons I know nothing about!!

Again, Budgie and Brian, Thank you so much for your help with this situation!