Rainfall for day not WH40?

I continue to see on the blocks of my two templates that the rainfall/day always refers to the raw-data = of the WS90 “piezo”
when it is indeed the WH40 which has been designated as “priority” (here for the HP2551 console)
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cloud live live here:
rain 0.1mm vs/ 4.0mm (as i post this message) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Raw station data:


    [dailyrainin] => 0.004
    [dailyrainin_pz] => 0.157

0.004 inches = 0.1016 millimeters


    [rain_today] => 0.1
    [rain_units] => mm

The rain block shows 0.1 mm which is correct based on the uploaded raw-data.

If it was using the pz-rain of 0.157 inch then the block would show 3.9878 mm rounded to 4.0 mm

Somewhere there is a setting to switch the WH40 values with the WS90 values.
But to find that you have to check WS_view and other tools.
The PWS_Dashboard scripts can receive values and process them as is.

To test, I will download your ecowitt script and test with other files.


Please remove comment mark # on first position of line 9 of . /ecowitt/index.php

#$swap_piezo = false; # leave piezo rain-values as is or no _piezo rain values

It should read
$swap_piezo = false; # leave piezo rain-values as is or no _piezo rain values`

That will solve this mystery.