Rain record on Davis Vantage PRO2 with Weather Display and Weather Display Live

I have ha Davis Vantage PRO2 weather station and weather display and weather display live.

I seem to have a problem setting up the rain gauge and cloud height

The rain gauge today is showing 0 on the VP2 but on the weather display it shows as 7.8mm
Last week we had 16mm of rain in an hour on the VP2 but still 7.8 on the weather display software

Cloud height i understand comes from Dew point and temp but the cloud height does not seem to be correct

any help would be good

First, check that you have the correct setting under Control Panel > Station Type & Settings > Davis.
Do you have a tick in one of the boxes in the section marked “All Davis Stations Rain Gauge Type”? You only need a tick in one of the boxes, unless you want to use the rain rate from the VP2.
Also make sure that the baud rate on this page is the same as what’s on the console.
If you were using a different station with WD before the VP2 then make sure there is a tick in the box marked “None Selected” on the page for your old station.

Now check that there are no offsets; go to Control Panel > Offsets & Initial Rain > Rain Offset. All you should have on this page is a zero in the Rainfall Offset box and 1.0 in the second box. Leave these settings as they are if that’s the case, if not then change them to the above settings and save.
Now click on the tab marked “Temp./Baro Offsets/Rain Totals”, you should have nothing in any of the boxes on the left of this page (except for the barometer offset and these will be zeros). If this isn’t the case then clear these fields.

See what you find with these and report back. We can look deeper is these don’t sort the problem and someone else may have other ideas. :wink:

Hello Budgie

Thanks for your help.

  1. Control Panel > Station Type & Settings > Davis. - Davis rain gauge is 0.2 was ticked

    • have just ticked use Davis VP rain rate to see if it makes a difference.
  2. baud rate is set to 19200 on both station and software

    • so no change made
  3. No other stations are selected

  4. Control Panel > Offsets & Initial Rain > Rain Offset.

    • I do have zero in the Rainfall Offset box and 1.0 in the second box.
  5. Temp./Baro Offsets/Rain Totals"

    • had nothing in the box on this page, I have put 0 in the barometer offset box

I need to try this for 24 hours and see what happens as the rain on the VP2 is now saying 2.6mm and on the weather display

Also month to date and year to date are showing the 8.9mm


I will get back to you when i have some evidence of what is happening since the change :slight_smile: