Rain last month is again reset at month change

For the third month in a row the rain for the last month is reset at month change. It’s set to the rain from the previous month. Like today, October 1, the total rain for September was reset to the total for August at midnight.

I enclose a screenshot that I took right before midnight September 30 (T6). It shows the monthly rain at 137.6mm. Then the same screenshot taken this morning, October 1 (E6). The rain for September has been reset to 47.6mm, the same as August. Notice that the rain for the year is correct and has not been changed at month change.

I have exactly the same problem.
In addition, this was reflected in the daily record and I do not know how much the precipitation was in the given month.

Mine seems to be all over the place as well, July & August have the same amount of rain 26.4mm, it looks like August should be 44.6mm, then September shows 44.6mm instead of 30.8mm. I will need to do some more checking. Using 10.37 S79 & windows 10 version 1803.


I replied to the other thread about this and a fix

I’m sorry Brian, But I didn’t see that until after midnight. I guess it’s too late to test it now. So I will wait until next month.

If you publish a new version of WD in the next month, will this be included? Or should I wait with any updates and install the test version before October 31?

I missed that post some how, I will install it & try it.


yes it will be included

Great. I will get back to you in a month with the result!