Rain gauge on WM-918

I know I have seen this somewhere but can’t for the life of me remember where.

I believe it is possible to increase the accuracy of the rain gauge on the WM-918 (possibly others as well) from 1mm to 0.1mm accuracy - by increasing the surface area of the collector unit.

Obviously this has to be a certain size, and then WD told of this.

So my questions:

  1. What is the size/details of the increased funnel that is required.

  2. When WD is told rainfall is now to 0.1mm does this only affect WD from the point in which this change is made ie it doesn’t affect records already recorded?

under “Setup” “Enter Barometric Setup”
I have under “Modified raingauge set new tip” set it to 1.0
plus I had to adjust the “Rainfall offset %” set to 24% to get it right.

OK understand that part - but what about the physical modification to the rain gauge itself - how did you do that/where did oyu find the details on those mods??

try here

Tku tku tku - that was the one I was trying to find again…

Many thanks (or did I say that already :slight_smile: