Rain data incorrect (WeatherFlow Tempest and WD)

I haven’t had rain for three days yet the rainfall data is incorrect. A WD restart resets the rainfall data.

Any suggestions?

WeatherFlow Tempest and WD 10.37S149.

Does the WxFlow site agree with what WD is showing?

The WxFlow Tempest app on my phone shows 0 rain for those days.

Next time you see WD register rain check your cronweatherflow window and check the highlighted area in this screen cap. If it shows all zero’s then the issue is not cronweatherflow. I admit I have seen my cronweatherflow show extremely low amounts of rain, like 0.000036" but it never showed up in WD as rain and after a few minutes it returned to all zero’s. I do use cloud rain (attempt to get better rain readings, but that failed). So try to narrow it down to cronweatherflow or WD as the culprit.

As mentioned I have WxFlow set to use “cloud rain”. It shows yesterdays rainfall as 0.18" and my VP2 shows 0.16". However, pwsWD shows yesterdays rainfall amount as 0.44". Now why the discrepancy? It appears the cronweatherflow is recording the actual rainfall as detected by the Tempest sensor but Wxflow is “adjusting” the amount to coincide with other “local” sensors.

My point here is two fold. First, the haptic sensor is darn near useless. About the only thing it’s good for is detecting rain as long as the drops are big enough. I already know that drizzle will NOT trigger rain. And second, cronweatherflow does NOT use the “cloud rain” adjustment made by Wxflow.

So, it is possible that cronweatherflow “recorded” rain that does not show up at Wxflow because either your setup did not report the rainfall, or, your sensor did record rainfall but Wxflow “adjusted” it to zero after comparing to other stations in your area.

I have to say that I am NOT impressed with haptic rain sensors. If rainfall amounts are important to someone then I would never recommend this type of sensor.