Rain Bucket Oops

I was working on my solar sensor on my roof, and bumped my rain bucket and measured .04 inches of rain #-o
Is there a way in WD to delete that reading? thanks, Mark.

Go to control panel and click on Offsets and Initial Rain. In the bottom box (adjust all rainfall amounts) enter -.04. That will eliminate the .04 error in all the fields. Then give it about 10 minutes and go to setup, graph setup, correct the graph, and you can corrent the graph data so it looks correct on the graph.



Open WD and on the ‘Menu’ click on ‘Control Panel’. You will find a host of options, but the one you need is ‘Offsets and Initial Rain’. Click on that and you will find a page with a number of ‘tabs’ at the top. If you are not already on the one labelled ‘Temp./Baro Offsets/Rain Totals’, then click on it to open the page you need. Look for the ‘Daily Rain Total’ and (assuming that you have had no rain) enter “0” into the field. Then click on the ‘set’ button and back out of the ‘windows’ by clicking ‘Yes’ and ‘OK’.

Hopefully that will sort the anomaly.


There is a FAQ for correcting rain here:


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