Question about Forum Search

What’s the default order of responses for the search? I did a search on “lightning” to find a recent thread to attach my “free lightning” post to, and it seems to be all over the map. It’s not by date, it’s not by board :?

It’s ordered by Relevance.

Don’t ask me how that’s calculated though. I suspect it might be down to the number of 'lightning’s found in individual messages and/or threads. I can try to find out if you want?

Word count was one of the things I considered, but I don’t think that’s it, same search today “lightning” count in the listed posts is 1,1,2,1,2,1,3,1,1,3,1,3,2,2,2,1,4 . It doesn’t put posts with the search word in the title at the top either which I might use as a relevance indicator.

Yes, I would be interesting in understanding what it’s doing, although if it can’t be changed then it’s academic. Just straight reverse date order would make sense to me.

Ahhh, you need Advanced Search Sir. You can define the sort order in that.

#-o thanks for that, i was confused by the search results too

Thanks, that works. Would still be interesting to understand the relevance algorithm :?

I can’t find any recent references to the relevance rating calculation, but the calculation below was (I think) correct in December last year…

number of matches (30%)
extent of recentness (30%) (the more recent, the higher the rating)
topic size (25%) (larger topics are considered more important)
match in the title (10%)
whether there was a match in the first message of the topic (5%)

So, it’s not a trivial calculation like just the number of matches.