PWS Dashboard - 3rd party Webcam Stream Install

Hi, I’m a newby to the site and to PWS Dashboard which I really like. I also only recently acquired a PWS so steep curve for me. (I use WD and WU)

In PWS I’m trying to add a webcam stream from a local site on the internet (【LIVE】 Webcam Ballito - South Africa | SkylineWebcams). They also offer a bunch of code for the particular webcam which I have no idea what to do with:-

【LIVE】 Ballito - South Africa | SkylineWebcams

Can anyone please assist. I am technically challenged but I can use Notepad++ if it’s just copy and paste.



Sorry, I realise the code I posted comes up on the site as the actual webcam. Not sure how to send the code without it displaying as a webcam.

Put three back ticks (```) on a line above and below your code. That should mark it as a code block to be displayed rather than acted on.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="【LIVE】 Ballito - South Africa | SkylineWebcams"></a>

Hope that works. Thanks,

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Hi Stuart,

It is always speeds up answers if you post the link to your website.

I tested with the link you gave, but it will not work inside another website.
The only thing you get:
a small old image in the webcam block with the arrow
if a visitor clicks on it, the visitor goes to another website and leaves your website.

If you want that, I adapted the current webcam script and posted it here. (2.2 KB)

If you are going to use it, you have to comment two lines in the script PWS_blocks.php to remove the “enlarge” text just below the image.

When adapting a script, Always make a copy of the script first . Copy it from the website to a local computer at home.

Script: PWS_blocks.php|01|2021-07-30
Lines 430-431 now read:

$blck_ppp [$script][]   = array ('show' => true,      'popup' => 'image_popup.php?nr=wcam1',            'chartinfo' => 'popup',    'text' => $cam_txt  );
$blck_ppp [$script][]   = array ('show' => false,     'popup' => '_my_settings/webfilm_popup.php',    'chartinfo' => 'popup',    'text' => $movie_txt  );=

Add a comment mark at the first position of each line. It should look like

# $blck_ppp [$script][]   = array ('show' => true,      'popup' => 'image_popup.php?nr=wcam1',            'chartinfo' => 'popup',    'text' => $cam_txt  );
# $blck_ppp [$script][]   = array ('show' => false,     'popup' => '_my_settings/webfilm_popup.php',    'chartinfo' => 'popup',    'text' => $movie_txt  );

Much pleasure with testing the PWS_Dashbnoard.
Best regards,

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Thanks so much Wim. Really appreciated. I’m always humbled by the stuff I don’t know rather than what I think I know.

Best regards


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Can you please not do a full download of PWS_Dashboard anymore?
3 full downloads in 2 days should be adequate for Stuart McArthur of

The full download contains all versions for all continents.
Only one is needed, future updates will be on-line on a separate thread.

And please post the link to your pws-dashboard website in every request for support.


My apologies. I wanted to run a test site on my NAS and I thought I needed a fresh copy. Won’t happen again.

The site is actually my business website which I operate through Wix. I plan to host my weather site on my home NAS but I want to sandbox it until it works properly. A day or so. Apologies again.