Pulling live data directly from ObserverIP 2.0

I am in the process of setting up a new ambientweather station WS-2000 and I have an ObserverIP 2.0 which has a live data web page.
Does weather display have a way to read the data from this page to update the weather data?

I don’t know, you may have to ask Brian direct.

I did find this, which seems to suggest that it does not have an easy-to-use data feed, but a search of that Forum (for ObserverIP 2.0) threw up a lot of more recent hits: you might find some relevant info there?

I did reach out to Brian.
Brian mentioned something to me that if the sensor suite came with the GW2000 console, it should work the same as the ecowitt.
While I wasn’t able to get the console to readily work using the ecowitt setup (may need more configuration on the display tablet), changing the IP to the IP of the ObserverIP did allow Weather Display to pull the data successfully.