Program error

Hi Brian!
I just installed 9.80b, and started receiving an error report in the program error log. Strange thing though…I don’t seem to have anything obviously wrong going on with WD :!: :? The error is as follows from my error log:

 ERROR:Access violation at address 0040320C in module 'WeatherD exe'.Read of address FFFFFFFC at time/date 6:17:18 PM 6/18/2003


how often?
or is it just at start up?
it could be the direct web cam capture, I would suspect…
anythign changed there?
you can try deleting that key from the registry (web cam capture)

O.K…I deleted the webcam key in the reg. and installed 9.80d. No errors reported when I re-started. That’s when it happened before,…at start-up. I’ll let you know if it does it again.
Thanks :slight_smile: