Program Error Log

I am getting the following showing up in my program error log:

82 19 159 97

About every 30 to 40 seconds the Forecast Icon flickers and a new entry of the above code is entered. The first two numbers of error log increase by one over time such as 83 19 159 97, 83 20 159 97.

Any ideas?

Sorry, I am running WD 9.96e on Win XP

its the forecast icon codes

the last one in the sequence is the one WD uses for mathcing the icon with the forecast icon
and so I have it there to get this working correct
which I have been told it does now
but if at some stage it does not, let me know what thee last number is and the corresponding forecast icon on the station


The error keeps getting longer not stopping. Right now the code is:
86 18 157 97 with Partly Cloudy Icon


yes, it keeps adding to the log every 15 seconds or so
thats good, i have 97 as being partly cloudy