Production of a USB to 1-wire adaptor. Free up a Com Port.

Hi, for those of you out there not having enough Com ports I have a possable solution.

I am in the process of producing a USB to 1-Wire adaptor. I already have a prototype working very nicely with WD, my thanks to Brian for his support and making the changes to WD.

My aim is to source the parts and manufacture the boards and to keep the cost down as much as possible. I am aiming at producing a

Assuming you get enough interest to go ahead, when would you expect the adaptors to be available?

I am aiming to have them ready within the next 2-4 week. Possibly sooner if I am able to go an see the person I need to that will produce the board this comming week.

I think for one its a very good idea ! :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Firstly Brian thanks for the support but it looks like I