Problems updating nws-alerts inside PWS_Dashboard

Wondering why the current wind advisory is not showing on my pwsWD page? Is there a list of what notifications are allowed in pwsWD?

Is the Saratoga page and pws is listed in the menu…posting from my phone so copy/paste is beyond my ability.

The pwsWD/ folder contains a complete set of NWS scripts.
So also the readme.

You have to update those scripts according to the instructions in Ken True’s topic.

No. The scripts are the same.
The data is not selected/converted by any of my scripts.

It is possible that there are differences in the nws-alerts settings between your
pwsWD/ and your Saratoga folder.
But when the settings for regions/zones are the same, the notifications should be identical.


All scripts are up to date.

I will compare these settings but I haven’t done any editing of this file…

Add: So I replaced the nws-alerts.php in my pwsWD folder with the copy from my WD directory as file sizes did not match. But the wind advisory expired so I will have to wait for another alert to verify if this corrected the issue.

I did not have to change my scripts, but NOAA changed from zone codes to county codes. I don’t remember exactly where, but you have to change the zone code to the right county code. Mine is GAC111 in north georgia and its working fine.



I admit I am not 100% certain what code I should be using. But I do know the nws code used with Saratoga template picked up the wind alert and pwsWD did not. I did research the NWS codes and the code for my location appears to have changed from NYZ013 to NYC019. I tried the new nws code with pwsWD but the wind alert that was still active at the time never showed. My WD setup remains unchanged and AFAIK it still works fine. My problem seems to be confined to only pwsWD. As mentioned I did swap out the nws-alerts.php file from Saratoga template to pwsWD but the alert expired so I don’t know if it works or not. I checked versions on both installs and everything is up-to-date. I don’t understand the relationship between pwsWD and Saratoga code and it wasn’t apparent to me that they shared code for some functions. I always thought pwsWD was stand-alone and separate from Ken’s Saratoga template. I mean, if Ken’s template requires an update, and those same files are used in pwsWD, am I suppose to carry over those files to pwsWD even though the update tool in pwsWD reports everything is up-to-date? (I should mention that nws-alerts.php file does not show in pwswD when I check all installed versions)

For for USA users pwsWD dashboard included the Curly nws-alerts scripts in a complete separate folder.
Those scripts are available both

  1. in a probably adapted version for Saratoga template and
  2. in a “stand-alone” version to be used in ones own template.

Both those script-sets are already for a long period of time maintained by Ken True.
The original read-me explains how to install.
. . ./pwsWD/nws-alerts/NWS-alerts_read_me.html

Would have been a waste of time to re-invent all the work already done by Curly and Ken True as I had to develop multiple other warning scripts for European users, for Canadian users and for Australian users.

Some users who use a Saratoga template and pwsWD as an extra mobile dashboard, simply call the Saratoga version to return the needed html. But one needs good php knowledge to do that, but only 1 script needs to be adepted: pwsWD/wrnWarningCURLY.php

But I myself have no idea other then download the complete github version and redo- the settings.


My nws-alerts-config.php is version 1.04 dated May 14, 2019. After line 27 i added my zone info:

and it all works fine.

when configuring the nws-alerts, you should always include both a forecast and a county zone for each location. The NWS issues some alerts to County zones and they may not appear in a forecast zone.
forecast zones are ssZnnn
county zones are ssCnnn

Already have that but pwsWD is still not picking up alerts…

$myZC = array(

Can more than one area be listed in the data setup?

Not sure you use the data set-up but instead edit the nws-alerts-config.php file directly?


I gave it a try and pwsWD will allow me to enter 2 or more codes. I checked the config file and it correctly shows both codes. Not sure if pwsWD will use both codes.

I visited the NWS site and found a zone with an active alert, changed my settings to reflect both codes…waiting to see if pwsWD will correctly interpret the alert.

ADD: Changed my Saratoga settings to match pwsWD. As you can see in the attached, pwsWD is NOT picking up the alert.

All NWS-alerts settings have to be made in the appropriate script
. . . pwsWD/nws-alerts/nws-alerts-config.php

The PWS_Dashboard scripts do not alter any nws-alerts script.
They only read the data as fetched by nws-alerts/nws-alerts.php

Please read the original …/nws-alerts/NWS-alerts_read_me.html about running an extra cron job if you have more than a few areas.

The pwsWD staion-cron job only process pwsWD/ scripts, so you need an extra cron in that case!.

Hope this explains it better as
→ Documentation
→ Some questions of easyweathersetup that need more explanation

If not, maybe some native english user can write a better explanation.

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Noaa has in fact made a change. Saratoga updated the template and here is the new file for the new NOAA format. Just drop this into the nws-alerts directory. (17.2 KB)

Does the pwsWD update tool notify us if updates are required to Saratoga scripts?


The “Curly” (NWS-alerts) scripts and the plaintext-parser (WXSIM forecast) has not been maintained by me in the past either since the first release 6 years ago.
Both script-sets are maintained by @ktrue

The “pwsWD update tool” is not used for updates after October 31 last year.
The PWS_Dashboard is free-ware and anyone can adept and “fork” the 2012_lts version.

I will maintain the original version for new-PHP versions, changes in forecast-data a.s.o.


I think this thread has shown there is a disconnect if/when Ken provides updates to his code that won’t be reflected in the pwsWD scripts.

Warning about USA/NWS alert changes and were to find the discussion and adapted scripts from Feb 8.

Adapted scripts: Posted Feb 18 in the same topic and on the current download page

Topic closed.

Since I have not been able to verify that anything has been fixed I prefer to keep my topic open.

Well, others have verified. I myself also.
Maybe you can invest some time to test with a few areas which have warnings so that this topic can be marked “Solved”

This is the nws-alerts-config.php I tested again today
lines 21 → 24

$myZC = array(
  "New Haven|CTZ006|CTC009",

This is the result in the dashboard top-left and the detail page when clicking on the (I) and clicking on the Albuquerque Red Flag warning

I updated the same changes as others did with the 4 scripts, checked the area and zone codes.
Please visit the PWS_Dashboard demo site, I switched it also to ‘curly’ for alerts.

AFAICS it is working at your site also

I have reset the demo site to the local alarm areas as I am stil testing the new European warning format.