Problem with Weather Display and Windows Vista

About a month ago… the laptop that I have connected to my weather station had the hard drive fail. I bought it used a number of years ago and it had Windows 7 on it. I upgraded it to Windows 10.

I opened up the laptop and took out the dead hard drive and put in another. When I looked at the bottom of the laptop… it has a Windows Vista product key on it. A friend of mine had an old Windows Vista DVD which I used to re-install Windows onto this laptop (I’ve never used Vista in the past… I went from XP to 7 to 10).

Now for some reason… it appears that my Weather Display software ISN’T sending weather data over the internet for a 24 hour period. I noticed this last week when looking online and I noticed it again this week.

You can see the 24 hour gap in received data.

Does anyone have any idea as to WHY my Weather Display software isn’t sending data for 24 hours. I’m running Version 10.37R Build 81… which worked flawlessly on this laptop under Windows 7 and 10

Mike - N1EVH

Station type? Could it be a dead battery in the ISS (Davis VP2 or Vue)?
I noticed the barometer does not suffer the same outage.

Well… the weather station console is a Davis Vantage Vue. I really “doubt” that it would be a dead battery because if the battery was dead… then it wouldn’t re-start sending data after 24 hours.

Actually… the barometer DOES also suffers the same outage.

The only thing that you can’t see that is affect is the rain gauge… because there was no rain on the day when my laptop didn’t send data over the internet.

If I scroll thru the graphs in Weather Display on my laptop connected to my weather station console… Weather Display is showing that it received data from my weather station console… the laptop just isn’t sending data over the internet for a 24 hour period.

This seems to be a problem that has only started happening after my hard drive with Windows 10 on it died… and I had to install Windows Vista on the replacement hard drive.

Mike - N1EVH

It’s possible that Vista doesn’t support some modern internet protocols. For example, I know that people have had to make SSL/TLS tweaks to get Windows 7 working with https web sites.

I’m not sure how you go about debugging and fixing an O/S that went out of support 11 years ago though.

Is the data in WD correct or did WD flatline during the time the laptop was not sending data? Did all sensors record plausible conditions? I don’t know specifics but I know Brian has coded safeguards if readings are way out of whack.

Here’s what I see for the 10 day graph at findu:

It appears barometer data is there but I can’t view the raw data from the 28th to confirm.

Does this gap start/stop without intervention?
What shows in CWOPlogsend.txt when findu is showing no data?

If you look at the 10 day graphs… then yeah… it “appears” as if the barometer data was sent. If you look at the 5 day graph… there is a 24hr gap in the data… just like with the temp, dew point, wind speed, and direction.

When I scroll back in the graphs… its appears that my Weather Display DID receive data from my weather station… its just for some reason… my laptop DIDN’T send the data to CWOP over the internet.

This is the second week in which I looked at my FindU page… and noticed that weather data didn’t get sent for a 24hr period.

I never had this problem when running Windows 7 or Windows 10 on this laptop. Since Vista can’t be upgraded to Windows 10… I guess I’ll have to see if I can upgrade the laptop to Windows 7 (which is also no longer supported by Microsoft) so that I can update the laptop to Windows 10 (the laptop is old enough to not support Windows 11).

Mike - N1EVH

Unfortunately… I’ve NEVER used Vista in the past… so I know very very little about it.

Unfortunately… Vista can’t be upgraded to Windows 10 (only Windows 7 and 8 can be upgraded). Windows 7 is also now out of support… so it may be hard to find a copy of Windows 7 to install on this laptop so I can then upgrade it to Windows 10 again.

My best bet may be… replace the laptop with something that has Windows 7 or 10 on it… and hope everything goes back to normal.

Mike - N1EVH

Is WD running and collecting valid data during the period when findu shows a gap?

Yes… as i stated before… Weather Display IS collecting data from the weather station as the Weather Display graphs are showing data.

It appears… for some reason… the my laptop with Windows Vista on it… seems to not be sending data to CWOP every 6 days.

here is the 5 day graphs on FindU that I just did a screen capture on… showing that no data apparently got send to CWOP on Sunday.

You can see the “gaps” in the received data in the temp/dewpoint… the wind speed/direction… and the barometer.

When you look at the 10 day graphs…

You can see the gaps about every 6 days (not sure why the barometer gets filled in on the 10 day graph… but shows the gaps on the 5 day graphs).

since I NEVER had this problem with this laptop and this version of Weather Display when the laptop was running Windows 7 or Windows 10… since you can’t buy Windows 7 (its support has ended) and Windows Vista can’t be upgraded to Windows 10… i guess i’ll just have to look for a decent used laptop with Windows 7 or 10 (and make sure it has the product key on the bottom for one or the other… incase a hard drive fails again and i have to re-install)… to connect my weather station to… and hope it gets rid of this problem.

Mike - N1EVH

I see a pattern…approximately every 6 days at 04:55 is when the gap appears. I did see one that happened at 03:xx and one that started just after midnight…could be one-off’s…but the pattern is there. My guess is something on your computer is doing a scheduled event that interferes with sending data.

I see it happened on the 3rd and 9th, again 6 days apart. The timing has changed from 04:55 to just after midnight. Did you make any changes on your computer that would coincide with the change?

I haven’t done anything to my laptop that would’ve made a change to the 24hr time period in which data doesn’t get sent to CWOP. If my computer is doing a “scheduled event”… then its nothing that I’ve scheduled.

As I stated… I’m just going to see if I can either… 1) find a copy of Windows 7 that I can put onto that laptop and then upgrade it to Windows 10 (since Windows Vista can’t be upgraded to Windows 10) or 2) find a decent used laptop with Windows 7 or 10 on it that I I can use to replace my old Dell laptop (I’ve got a pawn shop about 1 mile from me that seem to have a lot of laptops for sale).

Mike - N1EVH

I suspect that the missing data problem IS NOT your laptop. I too have had problems with missing data from CWOP. Although I have not been able to identify the cause for sure, it appears to me that the culprit is the Weatherlink web site that collects the data from my station and forwards it to CWOP. I had stopped using the old Davis Weatherlink SW and switched to the website.

I recently booted the Weatherlink website and switched to Weather-Display. My data is now sent directly to CWOP by my system and I have not had missing data since the switch.

I should have added that I had no issues with old HW or SW. I was running all this on a new(er) desktop with Windows 11 Pro. My OS is set to update automatically and I have a very fast, very stable fiber internet connection.