Pressure wont update on custom screen

Everything else updates but not the pressure.
Please compare with the custom screen below.
Maybe I miss something or have something set wrongly?


what is the custom tag used on the custom screen>?

It was highbaro but I’m sure it was the proper setting (baro) before. Did it change after an update?
Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

thats good you found that problem
thats alot of rain you got today…late monsoon rain (and that lastest TC too)?

Hi Brian,

It was actually more rain. I have to manually measure and adjust it since my La Crosse crap doesn’t work anymore.
That’s why I’m looking to buy a new station here in Downunder. So far no luck in finding a reasonable priced Vantage Pro. :frowning:
We will see in 2 days when Davis starts working again. I emailed them to send me a list of Aussie suppliers.

The latest TC is expected to be here (expected further north) in 2 days.