Pressure difference between popup-graph and dashboard-block

I have difference between the current value and the graph . Why?

Can we have the URL of your dashboard?

That would help a great deal so we can see and perhaps check

Braine l’Alleud Home Weather Station (weewx version) (

Hi on4rm,

The graph data is downloaded from WU directly.
Your WeatherUnderground page has the same values as the graphs

The data on the dashboard is uploaded by WEEWX in the realtime.txt file
Your other WEEWX website also has the 1021.x values
Your nearby METAR (EBBR) currently also rteads 1021.x values

If pressure values are that different as on your website, they are probably using sea level pressure for the website realtime.txt file and station-pressure for upload to WU.

Sea level pressure is always higher than station pressure –unless your barometer happened to be located below mean sea level”

What is the console of your station showing? → screenshot?


Nice answer. Ok I’ll check.

Also in your settings the start-date for WU has a typo.
That is why the selectors for day, month, year a.s.o. below the graph are missing

Testing the graphs with
returns an error on that date setting.

Please check tab Api&Keys
→ WeatherUnderground: weather-data - forecast - historical data

  • → First day of uploading correct data to WU

Format is YYYY-MM-DD example 2018-11-24


I don’t understand this last answer. I’ve checked in and it’s correct YYYY-MM-DD

Ok I have understood your anwser. :slight_smile:

Yes, the graphs look OK now :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Wim is on holiday this week: I am on vacation so less support from my side