Possible to upload missing historical data to WU?

I have much of my historical data for about 15 years, in my wdisplay files, but I only started using PWS a few years ago. I also moved (within a few miles) 3 times and had internet gaps also. So I have an incomplete history that need to be filled in.

My WU reports & history scripts produce tables with large gaps. I have searched around and not found a definitive answer if this is possible and the procedure to follow to upload blocks of data.

Thanks, any help greatly appreciated.

Do you have a source for the missing data? If so you could probably create data files (or is it log files?) that WD will read and treat as if they had been generated by WD in the first place.

Think OP wants to upload data from WD to WU. . . I don’t think that’s possible, but I’m willing to be proved wrong.

Looking at the topic subject again suggests you are correct.

Yes, I want to upload missing historic data stored in WD to WU. I have seen some reference in posts here but nothing very concrete. I don’t think WU facilitates any sort of bulk uploading, but I thought someone might have attempted this in some fashion.

It would seem to be a common request to WU, from ppl migrating to PWS/WU etc, and may have a very good data set going back years.

Another thought I have is to get the data you need from WD, reformat if needed so it matches WU format,and manually place the data into folders in PWS for historical data.

WU accepts only current data. They are not interested in old data
As a service for “uploaders” one can download ones own data later.

In PWS_Dashboard that downloaded data is stored in daily files and yearly files.

You can update the downloaded WU data to remove errors line by line by manually typing the values.

I am on vacation. After May 6 I will check if it is possible to write a script to use those WD-files for updating the pwsWD files.

Please post a zip of such a file with missing data as I have no WD program running to test with.
Also mention the period from the zip is missing in your pwsWD files.


Have you tried the upload past data on the WU setup in WD bottom of page as attached screen shot of build 151


I will certainly experiment with that page. I had not been paying attention to the bottom of that page (those settings are never seen without scrolling down on that panel, if on a smaller laptop screen, as my display exhibits).


Sorry this took so long, I was not getting notifications from this board for a while. Anyway, I wonder if the WD auto data backup file would be a good place to start. I have these ZIP files going back 12 years, and they contain a complete data set. I have uploaded the ZIP that WD generates for 2023.

You can compare against my 2023 WU Reports showing all the missing data here: Wayzata, MN Reports at WU

databackup122023.zip (1.1 MB)

Let me know if this provides a logical place to start a conversion process. If it is I think I could also use CHATGPT 4.0 to work on a conversion script.


Hi Tlowe,

I checked those files.
And sorry, but it is not a task I am capable of to do.