Pocket PWS - Android application for Weather Display


I have created an application and a widget to display data from Weather Display (and also from other weather softwares).

The application can be found at Play store:

For program specific installation instructions please visit project homepage:

The app is free, without ads.


Looks good if I could get it to work

Creating the file ok and uploading to my website, however I have put the correct url into the android app http://kiwiradio.blakjak.net/weatherdisplay.xml but getting no data on phone so app showing blank data.

Any ideas?

All sorted :slight_smile:

Thank you for this fine app. I appreciate the fact that the website owner has control over their data.

Maybe other apps could use the xml file also.


I’m a bit confused that the written directions list the file name to enter as " weatherdisplay_template.xml file into your webfiles" the file is actually showing as “weatherdisplay.xml”. Then on the Custom webpage setup, the names in the instructions do not match the screen shots names. I’m assuming that as long as I keep the names consistent it should work? But I have not got it going yet.

Okay, it was as I thought and it’s working great. Thanks!!



One of the reasons I am switching to Weather Display is the ability of a realtime mobile application for our phones. (Now, I find that you have one for Cumulus – though I have not been terribly successful in getting Cumulus to upload certain things).

However, I was able to install Pocket PWS on our phones and get it working!

Thanks so much!!!