Please Help With WD 10.37K Display Problems!


I have searched and researched everywhere I can think of and I apologize to everyone if I have missed a post on my problem. I have a Dell XPS 2.8 GHz (all USB connections) running Virtual VP with WD 10.37K.

I had been running the trial version of WD for a few days but just purchased it. Virtual VP seems to running fine with WD communicating with Weatherlink (have a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro 2). My problem is that my display on WD is showing some off the wall numbers for the current weather. For instance on the display my low temp is showing 42.0 degrees F, 97 % humidity and not showing current wind or gusts and ect.

The strange thing is when WD updates, you can see the readings go to the correct values and then they quickly go back to these strange values. Also, as you watch the WD screen; the wind and direction will change as if it is updating from months ago. If I click on current temp for example; the C degrees value appears to be what the actual temp would should but once it goes back to F it may be 55 degrees when it 92 degrees outside. I am lost here.

My question is WD uploading all my previous weather data? If so, if I shut down WD has it saved the data?

Also, I am sure this question has been asked before; but I found no answers in setting up the rain averages in the WD guide & the FAQ. I am straight with setting with the current year’s rainfall but haven’t found anything (yes I very good overlooking the obvious answers) on the subject.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

what does it say across the top of the wd program?

for rain, you can enter in past monthly totals under view, rain chart

Hi Brian,

Thanks for replying so quickly! I have played around with the settings and I know I have turned off some that should be on.

Right now it says WD Version 10.37K, Davis Vantage Pro, Metar Update Disconnected (Not what I want), Davis Vantage Pro Reconnected.

Like I said, a couple of the readings seen correct like present DP and wind highs and temp high is correct. But right now my low for the day is 48.1 F and should be 73.7 F. The wind looks to operate correct for a minute or two and then it is crazy.

Incorrect settings or a corrupt ini file maybe? You are the expert here. Please help me out; about to go crazy trying to troubleshoot this!

Thanks so much!

Metar Update Disconnected

thats the problem there
you have set to use the metar to update WD’s data (for if no weather station )
turn that off
under control panel, ftp/internet setup, metar tab

then restart WD

Hi Brian,

Well that did correct the indoor temp and humidity to correct valves. But the outside temp is still reading 58.1 degrees (it is 77.3 F) and the wind rose seems to read correctly for a couple of minutes and then it doesn’t.

We are currently experiencing a Tropical Storm on the Coast of North Carolina and the Winds are East to NE 10-25 mph but the wind rose will back around to the NW which my station is not doing and it is very tropical conditions.

My Metar is approx. 15 miles away and there is no way they would be sitting at 58.1 F at any point since Jan. Also, my Barometric Pressure is showing 29.441 in and should be 29.88.

Any suggestions. But again your answer did correct the indoor valves.


most likely still a wrong setting somewhere

what does it now say across the top of the wd program after a restart?

Hi Brain,

I agree. I have searched and searched for a wrong setting somewhere but I can’t find it after hours of researching and looking. Probably something simple I’m sure.

It now says: Weather-Version 10.37K-Registered-Davis Vantage Pro-Davis Vantage Pro

That seems to sound a little weird to me with the two Davis Vantage Pros up there???



you will see 2 like that if you reselected the davis vp station type but did not restart wd

a another commen setting mistake is:
contro panel, ftp/internet setup, client/server setup, use the clientraw.txt from this location…do not have that ticked

Hi Brian,

The values are still still way off and haven’t corrected themselves. I have almost everything turned off as far right now so I can try to find out what is going on.

My WD is importing its info from somewhere. Because it is not even close to the correct info it should be displaying. It is connected to Virtual VP with VWS running but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now my inside info is off by a small amount after a power outage last night. We had had that reporting correctly.

Many thanks!!!

Hi Brian,

Also, I just went through all (it seems) tabs and settings on the Program and shut down Virtual VP and restarted everything and now WD is not receiving any data. The only data showing is the high wind speeds for the day.

Where do you suggest I start to try to get the Software to start receiving the correct weather values on the Display now.


You could try installing a second instance of WD following this FAQ. This is a good way to find out if your settings are causing the problems. I would recommend you try this, without VVP, and get your station talking to WD before attempting to add VVP into the mix.

It’s always a good idea to backup your current WD directory before doing these tests if your not familiar with how WD works.

Thanks Dan, I’ll try that. Sounds like the most logical step at this point.

or, .zip and email me your settings files (see in the FAQ for how)
we will get you straightended out,…