php 7 Wxsim 3in1 script

Hello everyone!
I’ve updated the version php at 7 and now the description of the forecast is no longer working. Does anyone know how to help me?
Is the script no longer compatible with php 7?
Before I had php 5.6 and everything worked.


Thank you

Same issue here. I tried upgrading from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1 (GoDaddy). When running the “3in1” script the “description and notes” section in the “Overview” tab displays “blank”. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Update: Reverted back to PHP 5.6 until I can find a solution.

Problems here too with PHP version 7.2.3!

The script is working, but it creates a huge (GBytes) log file in my server containing php errors!

Is there a way to stop the creation of that error logfile?

I rolled back to php 5.6 until there will be a solution for that issue.


Hello good afternoon
Yesterday I updated my version of php to 7.2, my previous one was 5.3, and since I updated my forecast in text does not appear on my website.
If they update the icons well, but not the text.
Does anyone know what to do to modify and update it well?
Thank you.
This link is from the forecast on my website that does not update well
here in the original template:
And as you see the plaintext.txt if it updates well, but is not reflected in the web, I do not know if it will be necessary to change some script.
Thank you.

After updating to PHP 7.2 no weather description is showing up in “Overview”, but the description is showing up in the “Hour by Hour” section. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




Firstly, check that all your Saratoga Template PHP files are up to date, including the Settings & plaintext-parser scripts.
I had this issue when I upgraded to PHP 7.2 and I think I fixed it by installing these updates, although I can’t remember exactly. :wink:

Here is the solution that I have successfully used.


Thanks Peter

That post helped me solve the problem. I had searched the forum, but somehow missed that topic.