PDA/Cell View?

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on this forum, so my request may have already been brought up before.

Brian, is it possible to have a small link, say in the upper right-hand corner of WD for PDA/cell users to view the page in a condensed version? The reason I say that it should be there is that many of load up quite a bit of data, and some PDA’s/Cell’s have limits that stop the upload.

I noticed that Weather Underground (http://mobile.wunderground.com/) has this feature.




I’m a fanatick trick kiter & need right & fast info on wind & windspeed
with my pda … flash is nuce but unreadable & to slow
the gifs are unreadable on small screens from PDA & Cells

So I’ve just made a very fast & good readable screenshot in txt
(no pics = to slow), and if you have WDL, NO ADDITIONAL UPLOAD OR SETTINGS 8)


You can also use WML format, e.g. http://blackpool.weather-watch.com/wap/index.wml which is already supported by WD.

I don’t know WML … tried to watch it, but I’m afraid it is for support on symbios (smartphones) instead of PPC OS (PDA) …
am I right? tried to read this on PC doesn’t work …

WML is similar to HTML, but more a little more ‘compact’ which makes the files smaller to download. IE and FF don’t understand WML though. I think a lot of browsers on PDAs can display WML files. As one example. the Blazer browser on my Treo 600 (Palm O/S) handles it.

indeed, just tried this with my PDA over WiFi, works nice …
could be an advantadge for Cells

If you don’t mind tough, I like my wpda.php more
& is at least as fast as the WML

  • data is updated each 3sec (accoringly to clientraw.txt)
    where does the wml get his data from or is it uploaded
    seperately by Wheather display?

WML is the format of the file sent to the browser, so your wpda.php script could output the data in WML format and save bandwidth between your site and PDA and if you’re using slow cellphone links also speed up the display time for the page.

Getting an update to a PDA every 3 seconds probably wouldn’t be a good idea for most people. On a typical GPRS connection from my phone it takes 7-8 seconds to refresh my WML page. Also if I left it running continuously I’d exhaust my monthly allowance of data in just over 6 hours with updates every 3 seconds! Mobile data (at least in the UK) has to get a lot cheaper before streaming weather data is an option. Even the most expensive data tarrifs in the UK (unlimited…which really means approx 1GB/month) means you’d use your monthly allocation in 26 days running with 3 second updates. Unlimited tarrifs cost approx

I didn’t express myself quiet well, I meant that if you download the page, the info will me max 3sec old but once on screen it’s only updated when you type refresh. I’m in ICT for many years, you don’t have to convince me about the low troughput and costs of gprs ;-).

I’m using dreamweaver MX 2004 for creating my webpages, but I couldn’t find a tool to convert an existing page like mine to wml … do you know any tool? I just tought tis is a nice feature like WDL (for PDA) with NO additional upload from the weather station … I’ll do everithing to lower the size & download time … all inputs welcome

the source is loceted @ the topic "usefull quick load&view of data for PDA’s " on this this forum, within the topic feature suggestions …
take a peak, if you please …

And I sometimes don’t read and understand properly before replying…so it’s probably as much my fault as yours #-o

Unfortunately I don’t know of a HTML to WML converter. There are WML to HTML converters around online, but it’s probably easier to go from simple (WML) to complex (HTML) rather than complex to simple.

I have no idea how good it is but here is something I found…


Professes to convert HTML to WML.

However never having looked at any web page on a cell phone I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to test for effectiveness LOL


That allows you to do a manual conversion. However if you can afford $149 then you could use it’s sibling product http://www.cgiexpert.com/mobileconverter/