Past Graphs gone on Main Window

Found my PC shut down this morning. Rebooted and fired up WD. Surprised to see that it didn’t pick up the data from my Davis Envoy since shutdown. Not only that, when right clicking on my Main Window, I cannot see any graphs whatsoever from the last 3 hour to last 7 days. I find this strange. Rebooted both PC and WD with no correction. All present data is showing and All Time Records but no history on my main window in graphs.

Sounds like the shut down has corrupted something first check the log file 112023lg.txt to see what data is missing it may give a clue as to when it shutdown, you may need to copy some files from the data backup folder month zip with WD not running and if you have copied the ini file when WD is run it should get all the missing database
Wise to find out why it shut down the event log in windows should help

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Just found the log file for today. Found data for 20 11 2023 up to 4:14 a.m., then a block with no data and the data picks up at 4:11 a.m. Should I just delete that space and the duplicated data for 4:11-4:14 a.m.? Then, when saving, what would I do?

Use Stuart’s log file checker here to verify what data is duplicated/missing:

WD Log Checker (

Then using a text editor (Notepad++ is good), remove the duplicate rows of data and save the file.

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Thanks for that. I manually deleted the duplicate data but my graphs have not been corrected. Oh well. It’ll slip into the past before long.

@csonni - after fixing the text file did you go through the steps in WD to update the charts via the following:

  • Select Action → Convert Logfile(s) Data Files (Reset Graphs)
    • Select the logfile to fix and click Convert. That will update the graphs as well. Click OK.
    • Go to View → Averages/Extremes NOAA Style Reports
    • Recreate the reports you require for the month you are correcting by selecting the tab
    • Select the date to calculate and click Update whole month
    • Update the Monthly Data webpage file (Nocember2023.htm) by selecting the tab Recreate the Web Av/Ext Page
      • Click Reset the web page averages/extreme button
      • Click OK to exit the window

And today it’s my turn. Got up this morning and noticed WD was indicating it recorded 1.89" of rain today, but I knew I had 1.89" of rain when I last looked at the rainfall about 9:30 PM yesterday. Sure enough, my PC was stuck in a reboot and was only showing the Dell logo and must’ve tried to restart itself at about 9:41 PM. Windows updates were current and I always pause updates for 5 weeks, so that the computer won’t restart due to Windows updates. But, sometimes it just turns itself off or restarts for no apparent reason. Guess I’ll run my 112023lg.txt file through Stuart’s checker this morning!

Thanks for that reminder. It’s been quite a few years since a log had issues. Much appreciated.