Page not showing NOAA forecast

For some reason my page is not showing the NWS 5 Day Forecast. I tried updating the page with advanced internet connections and nothing. All my files are updating except for that one. Any ideas what is going on here. I have version 10.32o. Thanks!


Just checked my forecast5day.gif file and it is blank. Attached below

I see the forecast text and forecast5day.gif looks ok and is timestamped 10:40. It all seems ok from here.

It was probably that update, probably corrupted or something. It is showing up here as well. Thanks for quick response.


Yikes! Your 4:00pm temp reading is -7.1 !!!

Yea it is a bit on the nippy side. Expected to go down to -21 with windchills to -40 or colder. Windchill right now is -30. I guess you can say we are getting a blast of arctic cold. Brrrrrrr…