OT:Meteox Website Down

Not really related to PWS but I thought I would ask as there are some very knowledgeable people here. I use meteox.com as the source for the rain radar on my website

Since yesterday morning the site has been down the page giving a runtime error when accessed. I can find no information as to why it is down and when/if it will be back up. Anyone any idea.

is there any other source I can use for a UK rain radar.

As a follow to my own post I am now using the Rain Radar Widget from Sat24

That doesn’t enlarge when you click on it?

I am hoping Wim is going to tell us what the problem is with meteox.com: I don’t understand the error message :confused:

That error looks like the ASP equivalent of the PHP 500 error. Something wrong with the web site code that they need to fix.

Just checked - you are right it doesn’t enlarge - I have no idea why!

That is because the popup ( /image_popup.php?nr=wcam3 ) still has the link

Only webcam1 is using the settings
All other use modifications inside the image_popup.php script.

Succes, Wim

P.S. The meteox site and all dependent sites ( weerslag.nl a.o.) are down.
During large rainstorms two days ago the sites first slowed down and then stopped completely.

Hope they will get the sites running again.


As always - many many thanks for the help - image now enlarges

It seems to be back up again

And today it is down again so I have gone back to the sat24 widget again ( Weather Europe, Satellite Weather Europe, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Europe - SAT24.com )

This always seems slow to load (at least for me) - does anyone else use a different source for their (UK) rain radar??

I’ve found Sat24 slow to load I use it on my Saratoga alt dashboard but not had much luck with an alternative

I use RainViewer Live Weather Radar Map (RainViewer)

It’s in image_popup.php as


but you can alter the size with the final digit.

And I also have the UK Met Office Weather Map on the Menu: UK rainfall radar map - Met Office

Many thanks - I will take a look

Seems to be down again?

Yes - the whole website seems to be changing including many beta pages so it probably goodbye to Meteox as a rain radar source