Oregon Scientific WMR80 (wind sensor/ solar panel) set up.

I am trying to set up the wind sensor on my Oregon Scientific WMR80. I have bought the STC800 solar panel for it. I did not receive any instructions with the STC80. Can you tell me how to set up the wind sensor and STC800 combination, do I need to install batteries into the wind sensor if I am connecting the STC800 solar panel? The STC800 has 2 cables coming from it, I prsume the second cable is to power another seperate sensor.
If I could download instructions that would be great.
I hope you can help.

Paul C


I just got mine today, and same problem no instructions. I have a WMR 100 which has both wind/humidity and temp/humidity sensors. I believe that the two cables on the STC800 are to power up these two separate sensors. So in your case, you only need to use one.

Not sure about setup. In looking at the unit it appears to have an internal battery pack. I did a quick voltage test under a light which says that this is so., in which case it should be a matter of charging in sunlight, plugging in, and doing the normal startupup/reset procedure. But I am guessing, and will try this weekend.

I have posted a request for answers to the Oregon Scientific web page, but feel free to contact me directly to see how things are going on my end.

The Solar Panel does have two cables to support two different sensors.
Just plug one of the cables into the anemometer. You still need batteries in the anemometer or other sensor that you use for when there is no solar power.
I also use a seperate solar panel for my main temp/humidity sensor as it in a diffrent location.
When the solar panel is connected it does not float charge the batteries as there are diodes in each line.