Oh what a night!

Got up this morning to endless error messages from Weather Display.

First was probably my fault, the end of month report ran but the printer was out of paper so that caused an error in Weather Display, why I don’t know as I’m using Windows 2K server and print manager should have reported the error which it did not.

Second, Weather Display keeps crashing, it did this morning again, either with lots of memory adress error messages or when I go to open Weather Display from the System Tray it disappears and I have to restart the programme.

Going through the logfiles lots of data is being lost.

Can I restore this data, and how. I’m creating a csv file where I could manually create the data…

And finally the Temperature & Wind Trend Graphs have data missing over the last few months, where do they get their data ? is it from the main log file



Background info

I’m using W2k Server with all latest patches installed, its an Athalon 1.33k chip & 512mb memory.

All other programs run on this box without problems.