Offline and stale data

I had not updated my site for a few years. Over the past few months I began to get an error that the site was offline and the data a few hours old. So today I updated the code but my data are still not current. It seems to update only occasionally. Is the problem with my cron jobs? Or something else?

Update. I figured out that my web host no longer permits cron jobs to run more than once a day. Now I am trying an alternative. I found an external cron manager. I changed the permission of the cron php to allow public execution. The external cron manager says it is successfully running the job every 15 minutes but so far the dashboard looks the same. Maybe I need to be more patient.

Are you using an external cron job web site? if so what one?

Hi davidsmartin,

The cron-job does not causes this problem.
Without a cron job one can always refresh the page when the data is old.
Then the data should be recent and remain recent as the dashboard itself tries to reload the data every 2-5 minutes.
As long as there is at least 1 active user all current data is kept current, with or without a cron-job.

Your ambient data is correctly downloaded every 2 minutes

PWS_load_files.php (507) AmbientWeather: time spent: 0.232 -  CURL OK

The ambient data is current as received from Ambient

Nothing wrong with the data

the dashboard scripts can not access that recent data
They only get a very old version.
Ambient data file UTC 7:52 Feb 7, which is 02:52am Feb 7
Scripts get data from your time 03:39pm Feb 6

Possible cause:

  1. Wrong timezone setting in easyweather <= 1% change
  2. Your provider standard settings could ? include “free” caching of .txt .html .img files. 98% change
    You should check your providers CPanel (or whatever tool which is used) to switch off all caching
  3. Error in the scripts <= 1% change

If problems persist mail or sent a PM with

  1. personal support token from the THANKYOU mail
  2. easyweather password, you can change it first to a temporary one, but not to 12345
  3. FTP credentials: userid, password (a temporary one is OK), ftp-server-URL
  4. CPANEL userid and password


Apparently the problem had nothing to do with the PWS Dashboard. After spending all too much time bumbling around and understanding Wim’s analysis, eventually I figured out that the problem was with my Ambient Weather connection to the internet, For whatever reason it was only reporting once a day. I unplugged the ObserverIP and plugged it back in and all seems to be working.

Part of the reason it took me so long to figure this out is that I never use the Ambient Weather dashboard. When I want to check something other than the PWS dashboard I use the Ecowitt one, and that continued to present timely data.

Sorry to waste your time.

Yesterday I began to use as an external scheduler. Previously my web host let me do it all internally. The new one seems to be working. And it is free.