Odd message again

Just got this on 935a


not sure whats going on there
the 38.5oF is taken from the heat index on the main screen (which you will not be able to see)
and the 100.4oF is the threshold set under weather warning setup
tyr turning off the heat index weather warning individual switch
(as there may have been a glitch in the data or something )

I did that.
It seems that it has something to do with the conversion between C anf F.

I have been getting daily high heat index warnings (flashing light) every day for the last 2 weeks??? Something is definately wrong with the code that calculates the heat index. Was the monthly high heat index just added to the all time extrems page recently?

1 version, which added the monthly records, reset the all time heat index

set a high all time heat index value, via action, enter your own time heat index, and it wont go off anymore (i had to do that myself)
off now to do some farm work (spraying)
family/farm now come before WD

or its in the wife’s garden again?

OK, did that, Set it to the index that was extreme as above.

got the email: 100.4