NWS Severe T-storm watch for my area...not showing on my alerts

Has been a severe t-storm watch from about 2:40pm today til 10 tonight…but my alerts are not picking it up… getting the special weather statement ok…has NWS changed zones again??

Your Settings.php has

$SITE['NWSalertsCodes'] = array(
  "Upper Bucks County|PAZ105",
  "Lower Bucks County|PAZ106",
  "Eastern Montgomery County|PAZ104",
  "Cape May County|NJZ024",
  //"Lehigh County|PAZ061|PAC077",
  //"Northampton County|PAZ062|PAC095"
 // "New Smyrna Beach FL|MLB141|FLZ141"


inside Settings.php.

Your point-printable forecast from the NWS, and is showing the alert

It shows a Severe Thunderstorm Watch with an URL of

which references zone PAZ069 which does not appear on the current zone list for Pennsylvania

I suggest you contact your regional NWS office and ask them to fix the issue… they should either restore PAZ069 as a zone for warnings in your area, or they should get the warnings propagated into the Upper/Lower Bucks zones (PAZ105/PAZ106).
BTW… PAZ105 and PAZ106 do yield valid zone forecasts (
) so you should change your failover from PAZ069 to either PAZ105 or PAZ106 (whichever is closer) so your forecast can failover when the point-printable forecast is down.

Unfortunately, the scripts are not equipped to handle NWS snafus :frowning:

Best regards,

Thanks again Ken…I knew there was a logical explanation for this…its almost a “now you see it, next time you won’t situation”…

Also, I checked out the PAZ105/106 forecast…they forecast pages were last updated on Dec 5 2012.

Just for the fun of it I added back in the PAZ069…but its not displaying anyplace… Thought maybe they switched back…where is it configured into what page of the templates?

PAZ069 won’t work anymore … alerts.weather.gov returns ‘invalid zone’ on queries. You’ll need to keep PAZ105/PAZ106 in your list and contact the NWS to get the alerts fixed with the warning zones they have used.

That’s what I had thought…just making sure… I email the NWS Mount Holly NJ Office…waiting their response…patiently…