NWS_alerts how to set county

Sorry, I know somewhere here is a link to the county and forecast zone codes. But I have spent half an hour looking and can’t find it. Can someone remind me of the link?


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The nws-alerts are a separate set of scripts.

They have their own readme
→ . . . /pwsWD/nws-alerts/NWS-alerts_read_me.html

Using a script-editor you set the ZONE and COUNTY codes in
→ nws-alerts-config.php line 22
Described here
These scripts are maintained by Ken True from Saratoga Weather.


Codes are available here: https://alerts.weather.gov/

Regards, Jim


Thanks. I went to the two websites https://alerts.weather.gov/ and Active Alerts but I don’t see how to get county codes there. If I enter a location it will tell me if there are any alerts there but not the codes for my county.

PS I have already updated the script and it will show alerts for the code VTC027 but I read that I should also use a forecast code.

Sorry if I am missing something obvious.


  • Select “Land area with zones”

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Thanks. I should have been able to figure that out. But you showed me.

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