Not updating

I have the 13:00 update, and it seems that the rain graph, which did update at midnight on the previous version shows as it just updated, but as the time progresses, the graph remains fixed. I didn’t change any settings. did you???

Interesting you show those jumps on the humidity and dew point graphs around 2130, I just started getting those once or twice a day from yesterday. The only difference is mine are going in a negative direction, but for about the same duration.

I’m going to watch it for another day, then roll back a few levels and see if it still occurs.


it occurs when the wind stopped, it will be related to that, on that graph
nothign to do with wd

Hmm, looks similar to mine

I’ve got a vantage pro plus and running Win XP Pro,
i wonder if my humidity sensor is playing up, i’ll have to check against the console, if its the sensor or WD


well, the drop in wiondspeed will mean the temperature sensor enclosure will not work as efficently as it could…i.e heat up a bit from radiated heat etc
for some reason your temperature is flat lining…i cant see anything in the code that will cause that