On the averages/extreme for the month feature, I do not see any data when I go to get it working. I get the station identification in one long line and nothing else. If I email myself via the email, I get the title only not the data. I think I have everything set up to work right. Being the end of the month I would like to see if it indeed prints the page and emails the report.

In the “old” days I could get this to work with earlier versions, but since I have upgraded the system I don’t know.

This is all that is emailed from the noaa email thing.

Time of Weather report: 10:34:47 PM Date of report: 11/29/2002


its becuase you have had your VP data logger not set to 1 minute logging
WD looks for time stamps based on the minute in the log, but if only every 10 minutes is logged becuase the data is updated from the data logger that is only set to that, then that will be the problem

it should improve now that you have set the data logger to every minute…

WD works best if left to run all the time…

I set it the first time we talked.

it is set to 1 minute and I still get those conditions.

zip and email me your 112002lg.txt file from the log files folder

was the noaa supposed to print to a printer? I had it set to go and nothing it is 0:47. I am going off line until the morning.

i dont have a printer, so hard to test…meself
(as windows 2000 does not support my old printer drivers!)

i plan to try out/fix all the daily noaa reporting/month reporting soon
just have not had time…

surprise surpise, i did some testing, and the print/email of the reports at the end of gthe month should now work in vers 9.36a

I see the average/extrems for the day print out and the record highs print ut. I dont see it on the screen and the email remains the same as before.

Got the newsletter keep going! Ed is lurking out there. AND, although this will tick him off, you don’t charge extra for each new feature as he does, Not a lot of fun.