No Wind Displayed in Weather Display 10.37P [RESOLVED]


Trying to setup a new Davis VP2 weather station and while running the USB data logger with Weather link software, everything seems to work find as far as wind is concerned. Running Weather Display 10.37P there is no wind being displayed at all and very very occasionally it will show 2MPH and then go back to zero.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this would be happening?

which build of WD?
also which wind variable in WD are you refering to? (i.e you might have set to use 10 minute average?)

10.37P and the regular wind gauge on the main screen.

Switched over to the serial version of the data logger on my 6162C based on some of the threads I have read about issues with the USB data logger and now it appears that the gauge always reads 15mph. Weatherlink seems to run the weather station just fine, only problem is we want to run weather display.

Could I have something set wrong on the station setup? How would I tell which version logger I have? I notice there are settings for a rev B logger as well as VP2 with updated firmware.



Unless it was purchased many years ago it will be a rev B logger.

Here is a graphic of what I have configured and what I am seeing.

always reading this wind.jpg

the screen shot shows 13mph though, and not 15mph?
can you post the rest of the screen shot, e,g the graph as well?

Unrelated but you have the Davis rain gauge size set incorrectly. You need to follow these steps, first uncheck 0.1 inch, then check 0.01 inch.

Ok, Made the rain gauge change. I also (beforehand) removed 10.37P and re-installed from scratch and that fixed my wind problem. :smiley: