No value in extrarealtimegraphmore

I have my Leaf-weatness sensor plotted on the extrarealtimegraphmore. The graph is OK, but there is no value on the right side.
Does anyone please no why?


i would say that if you view that graph in WD and then move the mouse over the graph, the value will update…
but its nto updating for the web graphic…yes?

When I do that for the first time I have the value. On the next update no. Looks like the value is, where the pointer was on the graph and only for the first upload.


next question, are you using the custom line to plot setup?
if so then the next update should get that value update with the web update

I’m uploading from “internet file creations & uploads” the extrarealtimegraph and I have checked the “upload the more sensors extra sensor realtimegraph” in the “Web files setup#1”
What is the custom line?

you can customise what things to plot on the graph, just wondered if you had set that up

I think I follow You now

try the latest .zip update…

Hi Brian,

Done the update. What is different now is, that the extrarealtimegraphmore.gif updates only in the “create times” and not on “create now” with the extrarealtimegraph.gif, however they get both uploaded and there is now the thumbextrarealtimegraphmore.gif but it does not get uploaded with the thumbextrarealtimegraph.gif. The value on the extrarealtimegraphmore.gif looks like it works now OK. I will observe them for some days to be sure.



After the update 10.37j I noticed that on the current 24/48/72 etc. graphs, even if the data are current the date is the yesterdays date.


next .zip update will fix that thumbmore graph not uploading
i will check on that date in the graph issue