No override for snow and other non-measurable conditions

This is driving me nuts… I’ve seen countless posts all over the place about it – but I have yet to see a solution. Essentially… How do I fix THIS:

Some precipitation types do not trigger at least 0.01" in the Davis rain bucket… Among those are light snow, mist, drizzle. I am using the solar sensor to update my conditions. I also have the box checked to override the solar sensor for fog if the METAR reports it. If I disable the solar sensor for updating WD’s conditions right now, it just lists the condition as “DRY”, and makes no mention of the extended portion of the METAR (“light snow; mist”)

Is it possible to add overrides for other conditions that the station may not pick up on, but may be reported on the METAR? (Snow, Mist, etc). Seems kind of silly that my website is reporting “DRY” when its snowing or misting out.

What determines the “DRY” condition anyway?