No longer getting wind direction when updating from Metar [RESOLVED]


I updated WD to 10.37Q Build 57 and found that I don’t get wind direction, only speed from metar.

My station’s wind is updated from YSSY metar but since upgrade, wind direction has flatlined at 000 degrees but still gets wind speed.

I have tried restarting etc, no difference.

I did make a change where you can set to have just use the wind direction
might be that code I added
I will check
why are you needing to use a metar for wind direction?

Hi, the location of my weather station is obstructed, so it’s easier to have metar updates.

I will update a fix now
but try ticking that new wind direction only setting


Thanks. The tick box didn’t make any difference. I have put my wx station to update from wind sensor for now until fix is done.


try that latest .zip update

Thanks heaps, works well